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Stay Calm during the Storm

If you were to only get your news via Facebook or Twitter newsfeed which most people do, you would think mask wearers hate non-mask wearers, white people hate black people and Republicans hate Democrats.  In reality there are a few

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Fight or Flight in the Year 2020

Every young boy who has played or who has attempted to play sports knows what it means to either “Fight or Flight” all too well.  At first glance, one might think the cause of the dilemma the player faces would

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What do you do when everything crashes around you?

Adversity brings out the best, but also brings out the worst in people.  This is the same for businesses as well.  Sometimes being prepared does not mean obstacles won’t happen.  As a matter of fact, if you have been in

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How to Create Good Press using the Internet

Whether you are an automotive dealership, realtor, church, or even a college hopeful; building good press is a necessity to further your interest.  All entities wishing to share their message must have a thoughtful strategy in addition to a strong

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Content Content Content

For decades real estate professionals have been pounding home the phrase that opening a new business is all about… Location Location Location. This phrase or concept dates back to as early as 1926 or even earlier. The internet has made

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Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

This may seem like an odd article coming from someone who makes their living in the content marketing world. But when I say that content marketing doesn’t work, it’s true. It doesn’t work for many companies because they either have

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Why Is Utilizing Social Media in Customer Service Important?

Some people may find this hard to believe, but even today in the year 2014; I’ve routinely heard customer service representatives refer to social media as a “fad”. A surprising number of business professionals put next to zero value in

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