DeliveryMaxx Marketing Packages

We offer a number of different packages geared towards adding value to your customers delivery experience and keeping you and your customers connected for years to come. DeliveryMaxx also wants to keep your salesperson connected to their customers for the duration by using our “Images Of Success”follow up system.  By using this system, your salesperson will have the ultimate tool to compliment your already existing or non-existing CRM Program. This tool is not designed to replace your CRM program but rather to elevate it to a much higher level!

Each salesperson will be provided with a follow up file box that will contain tabbed index cards marked with strategic follow up dates. To enhance the program, each week, we will mail the salesperson the exact information that they need to help them follow up with customers and we will include the photograph taken of the customer at the time of delivery.

We all know that sales people use the CRM tool that you have, but they also keep their guest sheets for quick reference. We help take that up a notch with more information via Images of Success Follow up System with dates for quick reference. No more flipping through old guest sheets or buyers orders! We also provide a picture for recollection instead of making a copy of a customers drivers license, which they should not have and can get your dealership into a lot of trouble.

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Mark Training Salespeople on install at 5 Star Subaru of Grapevine

Jason talking to the Managers about the one of a kind DeliveryMaxx program

Jason talking to the Managers about the one of a kind DeliveryMaxx program

DeliveryMaxx, the leader in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management, takes a day to provide Ft. Worth Nissan the tools to roll out the red carpet treatment for all of their happy customers.

Jason Renteria, Vice President of Sales for DeliveryMaxx, helps teach sales people with Fenton Nissan of Rockwall how to utilize Online Reputation and Social Media Marketing to better their automotive sales and CSI.

Visiting Huffines Subaru to train users on the revolutionary DMAXX Application.  Do you need a hand with your online presence? - contact us today!

Fenton Nissan of Rockwall

"Today Jason came by and shared a few things about DeliveryMaxx I wasn't aware of as in how the salesman can add a picture and bio of themselves and how uploading walk around videos are done." - Tamala

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