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It’s a Great Time to be a Nerd

In the 1980’s it was unfathomable that “Nerds” would be ruling the world.  Even a fictional movie was created which depicted Lewis Skolnick, Dudley “Booger” Dawson, Gilbert Lowell and Lamar Latrelle as heroes who would change how we view the

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Getting Back to Basics in a Time of Uncertainty

This time of the year brings uncertainty for many 18 year olds (and their parents too).  As a parent of a graduating high school senior, I have a plethora of emotions going through my mind.  Although I am excited and

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Change your Message if you really want Change

In five months the polls will open up and we will be voting for the President of the United States of America for the 59th time since 43,782 recently independent Americans voted for George Washington in 1788.  We will see

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Know how to play the Game and Play it Right

Kenny Rogers, the Country Music Hall of Fame singer who recently died in March, signature song was his 1978 hit, “The Gambler”.  It was a cross-over hit that won him a Grammy Award in 1980 and was selected in 2018

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Does Your Message Make Sense?

It is important for Business Owners to make sound decisions to lead their companies through these uncharted territories.  They must have a plan and be willing to adapt as necessary.  In past blogs, DeliveryMaxx has shared helpful information of preparing

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Can you guess what the word of the day is?  That’s right, it is Retention.  You know what it means, but is your business doing everything it can to retain the customers who visit you?  In order to grow a

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How will Social Media Help or Hurt Scholarship Opportunities

Stories continue to come out which show student athletes whom are losing their scholarship due to posts made on social media.  It is unfortunate and will continue to become more and more prominent.  Recently the NCAA has ruled that college

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Were the Super Bowl Commercials worth the Spend?

Without a question, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 31 unanswered points against the Atlanta Falcons will be a Super Bowl memory that will be etched in the minds of sports fans forever.  The unprecedented comeback was nothing short

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Video Marketing is the Next Biggest Thing!!!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?  According to my 7th grade honors student a video is worth 1.8 million words!  My daughter is not too far off when we investigate how the mind

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Why Is Utilizing Social Media in Customer Service Important?

Some people may find this hard to believe, but even today in the year 2014; I’ve routinely heard customer service representatives refer to social media as a “fad”. A surprising number of business professionals put next to zero value in

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