Fight or Flight in the Year 2020

Every young boy who has played or who has attempted to play sports knows what it means to either “Fight or Flight” all too well.  At first glance, one might think the cause of the dilemma the player faces would be in a game situation, but the majority of times they had to make a tough decision was in the locker room.  There would inevitably be a situation presented that the player would have to make a choice to stand up for what he or she felt was right, or back down and try to deescalate the situation.  “Fight or Flight”.

Today, business owners are faced with a variety of situations that have already or will trigger the release of hormones that will prepare them to either face the continuous threats or try to move to safety.  In the past, our ancient ancestors faced dangers in their daily environment.  They could either fight or flee.  Sun Tzu, the legendary Chinese military strategist from 5th Century BC would use both options as a strategy in his famous and often utilized book, “The Art of War”.


Instead of facing enemies armed with weapons determined to take your life, in business, we are faced with challenges that try to alter our path.  My home state of Texas is facing an unemployment rate of 12.8% which is the worst on record.  The closest past unemployment rate was 9.2% back in November of 1986 during the last big oil bust.  Every state in the Union has been hit hard.  Nevada, for example, has registered an unemployment rate exceeding 28% which is the highest in the nation due in large part to its reliance on tourism and hospitality.  The overall unemployment number is at 38.6 million at the time of this blog with an average of 2 million new filings a week.  To understand how big this number is, 38.6 million is greater than the combined population of 21 states.

Mainstream news media that continues to scare uninformed citizens by distorting the truth, power-hungry politicians (although a few have changed their stance due to the unrest of their voters) and opportunists who continue to profit off of a pandemic that has a 99.9% recovery rate (much better than the seasonal flu) have become a business owners’ nemesis.  The so-called stimulus meant to assist businesses to keep their doors open while we “flattened the curve” and ease the burden for hospitals; instead lined the pockets of political operatives and their interests.  These enemies of the people have and continue to threaten the lives of millions minimalizing the crisis by flippantly calling it “The New Normal”.

So we are faced with a choice.  Fight or Flight.  There will be casualties in this civil war.  Currently, as we are experiencing The 2nd Great Depression in the year 2020, we will see deaths from suicide and stress-related illnesses continue to rise.  We will see families destroyed through divorces, child, and spousal abuse.  The crime rate will be much more than a neighbor reporting another neighbor for not “Social Distancing”.  Alcohol and drug abuse will rise.  The Government of the People will give way to the Powerful Elite.  The top .05% of wage earners will increase while over 95% of the population will soon learn why deflation is not what economists want to see.

History has shown civilizations having a mass exodus from countries such as Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and most recently, Mexico and Honduras.  Can you imagine Americans running for the border to the North or even the South?  Our other option is to stay and fight.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  To survive, businesses must understand the fears of their employees and potential customers.  Although the threat of the seasonal virus has been proven to have been overhyped and the response to the threat has been catastrophic to tens of millions; businesses have to adapt to the current battleground.  Investment in PPE products and having a digital strategy will be crucial to stay alive.  Staying transparent and forming alliances between competition and your own employees will forge a stronger bond allowing you to operate at a point of strength versus weakness.  New opportunities will emerge and appear before you as you survey the ever-changing economic landscape.  You will have battle scars, but if you stay the course you will come out victorious.  God Speed to all of you!

Take control of your own destiny and do not rely on the humanity of corporations or the effectiveness of a bloated government.  We are not in this together… yet we could be by choosing not to listen to those that say we are. We can stop succumbing to the fearmongering and support each other in our own communities.

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