DeliveryMaxx Goes Prime Time Media

“With our partnership with DeliveryMaxx, we are able to help our clients engage with their customers like never before” states, Rod Hunter, President/CEO of PTMG.

Nov 08, 2012

Primetime Media Group has partnered with DeliveryMaxx to provide digital solutions and social media marketing for their clients. Prime Time Media Group, a full service ad agency uniquely leverages traditional media, digital content, technology platforms and connected devices to deliver engaging branded/company experiences across all marketing mediums.

“With our partnership with DeliveryMaxx, we are able to help our clients engage with their customers like never before. DeliveryMaxx is very innovative they’ve discovered how to utilize social media marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, along with customer loyalty and retention, all combined into one process that allows companies to truly dominate their market” states, Rod Hunter, President/CEO of PTMG.


Companies truly want to keep customers for life, but in today’s market, customers have more choices than ever. The biggest problem is being able to talk to potential buyers and tell them your story. With DeliveryMaxx’s innovative processes and patented “Images of Success program,” companies have the opportunity to turn a one-time customer into a virtual walking billboard, advertising the great experience that was delivered. Key results are increased repeat sales and referrals, strong branding, dominant web presence, published positive online reviews, greater customer satisfaction, and additional revenue opportunities.

Prime Time Media Group is all about the total customer experience focusing on how their client’s audience experiences their brand as they transition from inquisitive prospects to loyal, repeat customers. Prime Time Media Group solutions have been designed to deliver content wherever the audience lives, both at work and in home environments. “The synergy between our two companies will provide exceptional service to clients creating a marketing strategy that will help keep their customers for life” says Josh Deaton, Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryMaxx.

DeliveryMaxx provides a total automotive dealership care program providing their clients consumers with social media marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, customer loyalty, and retention. They utilized their proprietary software and patented programs to help automotive dealerships maximize their effectiveness positively influencing consumer behavior.


DeliveryMaxx was founded on the principles of creating a more efficient method for successfully completing the sale at the point of delivery. We have developed a system that effectively increases the positive experience of buying a new car, accurately tracks the process, and generates increased customer retention. The net result to our dealer network is increased sales, residual profits and a follow-up database that assures “Keeping the Customer for Life”. Our founders have over 60 years of experience in Automotive Sales, Management, Marketing and Customer Support ensuring a complete understanding of the sales process and the knowledge to help you grow your customer base. Understanding how hard it is to win a customer, DeliveryMaxx arms you with the tools necessary to build continuous, strong relationships with your customers and retain them for generations to come. DeliveryMaxx is ready to work with you to enhance your customers overall experience when purchasing from your dealership. When some see the sale as complete DeliveryMaxx adds additional value to your sale! DeliveryMaxx has perfected the delivery system, so your customers will come back to you time after time, increasing your bottom line profits year after year.

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Mark Training Salespeople on install at 5 Star Subaru of Grapevine

Jason talking to the Managers about the one of a kind DeliveryMaxx program

Jason talking to the Managers about the one of a kind DeliveryMaxx program

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