Thank You Mr. & Ms. Car Salesperson! I Salute You Too!

Many companies have closed their doors today in honor of America’s Independence.  A lot of our friends and family are hitting the waters, eating hotdogs, drinking ice tea, and enjoying a sweet apple pie.  On Monday morning we will be a little redder on our shoulders and nose because it was an inconvenience to apply one more coating of sunblock.  However, there is one hard working group of Americans that I would like to put the spotlight on. That is our friendly car salesman (and women)!

 Thank you Mr. and Ms. Car Salesperson for the lasting memories you provide and the dedication you put forth on a daily basis.  You are an important part of the American fabric that makes this country so great!

America is synonymous with the automotive industry.  From sea to shining sea, we travel the country in trucks, hybrids, sedans, suvs, and other vehicles that we often take for granted.  Our vehicles literally give us the life that we know and understand today.  How else would you earn your paycheck each month without being able to travel to and from your place of business?  Do you remember that exciting moment when you had to take your wife to the hospital because it was time to give birth to little Johnny, or that trip to the ER because little Johnny broke it arm playing baseball?  Where did you sit on your trip to Disney Land, and how many times did your dad threaten to pull the car over because you were fighting with your sister in the back seat?  How did the steering column feel while you were taking your driving test with the Department of Public Safety Officer sitting in the passenger seat next to you at the young age of 16?  What vehicle did you park in front of Mr. Henderson’s house when you arrived to take his daughter out for your first date?  What song was on the radio during your first kiss in your car?  What excuse did you give when Officer Webb pulled you over for doing 45 in a 35 mile per hour zone? What vehicle were you in during these lasting experiences? 

Our vehicles have provided many memories, and will continue to do so.  An automotive salesperson can make a lasting impression and provides us with a vehicle that will help facilitate our exciting adventures for years.  These sales men and women work six days a week, including most major holidays.  Many of these professionals work bell to bell each week because they know that they need to be there for their customers when we need them to be there.  Sometimes that includes the 4th of July Holiday!

Thank you Mr. and Ms. Car Salesperson for the lasting memories you provide and the dedication you put forth on a daily basis.  You are an important part of the American fabric that makes this country so great!



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