Selling your Vehicle Online

It does not take a genius to know that most people will make a decision to purchase their next vehicle before they even visit your dealership lot.

Take away all of your television ads, radio spots, and big fancy billboards.  Forget the fact that you are dependent on sales people to close the deals after building value of your inventory.  All of these things try to separate your dealership from the dealership next door.

What if you are trying to sell a Honda against another dealership who has the same exact Honda?  That’s right.  The Honda you are trying to sell is the same model, same color, same price, and the same accessories.  How do you separate your inventory from the dealership down the highway that has the exact same inventory?  Before you answer that question, remember, I told you to forget that you have the best sales people in the country that can close anyone on a new purchase.  How do you get your customers in front of your outstanding sales team?

When customers search the internet for vehicles they care about the price, description, and the picture of the vehicle.  Most backend products have the same “cheese” or description service which does not change what you are saying about the vehicle.  The market has dictated the price what you have to sell your vehicle for.  The only control you have is by what your vehicle looks like on the internet.

Many dealerships have invested in a nice photo booth to take professional looking pictures.  However, this doesn’t really differentiate you from the “note lot” down the street creating “show room” quality pictures.  Some dealerships have designated an expensive piece of property in front of the dealership lot where they stage the car to capture the dealership in the background.  This is a great idea because you are able to show that the car is on the lot while branding your dealership.  However, how many vehicles are you able to shoot when it rains?  What if the weather is gloomy outside?  Are you going to ask customers to stop walking behind your shot each time you shoot your inventory?

DeliveryMaxx has created a program that can take every vehicle on your lot and stage it in front of your dealership (or any setting you may like such as a beach, city, or mountain backgrounds) and they guarantee it will always be a bright sunny day.  If you choose to have your dealership as the constant background, DeliveryMaxx will have a photographer create a shot that will make your dealership stand tall for the most optimal viewing.  There have even been cases where their team has added shrubs, flowers, trees, and a good ole fashion paint job to make the dealership pop!  DeliveryMaxx’s DMAXX Pro Software allows your photographer to upload the pictures to them, and within hours you will have each picture sharpened, and the background of your choice placed behind your inventory.

So how do they make the car look like it is really in the background, and not just in front of a picture?  That is where the DeliveryMaxx secrets come into play.  In short, their processes educate your photographer on angles, and certain shots that will allow them to place the vehicle in a picturesque setting helping you sell your vehicle faster on the internet.

DeliveryMaxx was founded on the principals of creating innovative solutions helping dealerships sell more vehicles and retain their customers for a lifetime.  They were founded by car guys who know the car business, and love the car business.

DeliveryMaxx was founded on the principles of creating a more efficient method for successfully completing the sale at the point of delivery. We have developed a system that effectively increases the positive experience of buying a new car, accurately tracks the process, and generates increased customer retention. The net result to our dealer network is increased sales, residual profits and a follow-up database that assures “Keeping the Customer for Life”. Our founders have over 60 years of experience in Automotive Sales, Management, Marketing and Customer Support ensuring a complete understanding of the sales process and the knowledge to help you grow your customer base. Understanding how hard it is to win a customer, DeliveryMaxx arms you with the tools necessary to build continuous, strong relationships with your customers and retain them for generations to come. DeliveryMaxx is ready to work with you to enhance your customers overall experience when purchasing from your dealership. When some see the sale as complete DeliveryMaxx adds additional value to your sale! DeliveryMaxx has perfected the delivery system, so your customers will come back to you time after time, increasing your bottom line profits year after year.

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